Off Street/ Multi- Level Parking

• Our Off-Street Parking System/ Multi-Level Parking System is a fully automated and simple to use mobile app based cashless parking management and guidance system. It is designed for parking spaces that have fixed boundary with a defined entry and exit points. It consists of Parking Access Control / Management System (PMS), Parking Information / Guidance System (PGS) and Central Management System (CMS).
• Our PMS consists vehcile entry monitoring system, pay stations, barrier systems etc. It issues a valid ticket to the user at entry and allows for payment at exit. It also supports integration of CCTV or ANPR Camera installed at entry and exit of the parking areas.
• Our PGS is designed to make it very easy for the users to discover the nearest available parking lot. It uses magnetic/ultrasonic/camera based sensors to detect the presence of a vehicle in a parking lot. It provides roboust outdoor display boards for parking availability information. They display the number of free slots that are available at each floor. For indoor parking spaces, it provides LED bay indicators that helps the commuter to find the nearest available parking space.

On Street Parking

• On-street Parking Spaces include those spaces adjoining the road or other facilities and do not have a fixed boundary and defined entry and exit points. These kind of parking spaces have specified number of slots available, typically on an open ground or road.
• Our On-street Parking System consists of Handheld Device for Parking Management System (PMS) to issue ticket at entry and to collect payment at exit.
• Our Parking Guidance System (PGS) consists of electro-magnetic/camera-based sensors for vehicle sensing. Displays boards are avaliable with updated parking information to make it easy in finding parking slots. It provides a mobile app that guides the users to park vehicles in designated areas instead of unauthorized areas. Using mobile app the user can reserve parking space before coming to the parking lot and can pay at the time of exit.

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