Smart Pole

Smart Pole

Smart Pole is a specially designed street light pole that can host mobile devices in a concealed way. The specially designed smart pole consists of high strength pole, a nacelle to conceal the cellular antennas and an optional external enclosure for various control devices, UPS etc. It is designed to host multiple devices like smart LED light with builtin controller, Network Gateway, Digital Signage Boards, PA Systems, Surveillance Cameras, Traffic Sensors etc., . All of these devices can communicate to the command centre through the gateway. It provides high flexibility in terms of placement of the equipment on it and in the external enclosure. The pole is made of hot galvanized iron to withstand Indian weather conditions and to give long life. The length of the pole is customizable to the customer needs and can be upto 30m height. It is desinged to withstand heavy winds and storms that are common in the east cost of the Indian peninsula. It is also designed to host multiple equipment that can cummulatively weigh upto 500kg. The pole is hallow and allows all the network and power wires to go through it so that wiring is completely concealed. The pole has multiple cut-outs so that the wires can be pulled out exactly where the equipment is placed. The nacelle is made of special material that provides good RF transparency. Even though it is desinged to cover the cellular antennas, it allows easy access to them during maintenance. The nacelle can be painted to match the pole colour or a contrasting colour to make it stand out. The external enclosure can be used to place network & power equipment that cannot be placed inside or on the smart pole. Depending on the site conditions & easthetic reasons, the enclosure can be placed, next to the pole, above the ground or underground. The enclosure is designed with IP67 protection and has smart cooling system and smart access control system. The smart access control system prevents any unautherized access to the equipment in the enclosure


Smart Environmental Sensors

Smart Environmental Sensors

Smart Environmental Sensor is made up of multiple sensor modules that are integrated with a smart controller. Each sensor samples the environment at configurable intervals and transmits the data to the controller. The controller in turn sends that data to the Central Environmental Monitoring Server (CEMS). The controller sends the data to the CEMS either through the WiFi or Ethernet or GSM. The Environmental Sensor supports display of the live sensor data to a local multi-line LCD display unit The numbers of sensors and their specification is configurable by the customer at the time of purchase. We use electro-chemical sensors for the detection of polluting gases and these sensors have long life and hence the maintenance on these sensors is very low. Apart from the polluting gas sensors, our product can also sense other environment data like temperature, humidity, noise levels, ambient light levels, dust in air (particle mater PM 2.5 & PM10), UV radiation, rainfall measurement etc. All these modules can be added to the product based on the customer needs. The Central Environmental Monitoring Server collects sensor data from multiple locations and displays it to multiple remote multi-line LCD display unit. The sensor data can be backed up and stored for ever so that all the logged historical data can be accessed and analyzed. It calculates and displays IND-AQI, as described by CPCD, and generates multiple graphs to show the trends. It can be configured to send alerts and notifications to the registered users whenever any measured parameters crosses the threshold

Env-Sensor DataSheet

Smart Digital Billboard

Smart Digital Billboard

The Smart Digital Billboard is an IP based outdoor LED billboard on to which any digital advertisements can be displayed. The advertisements on the billboards are controlled by the Central Ad Server. The application controls the ads on all the billboards on the smart pole. The administrator can specify the location, time slots and duration during which the ads should run. The application then pushes those ads onto the billboard controller. The controller will then play those ads according to the policies specified by the Central Ad Server.


Street Light Feeder Controller

Street Light Feeder controllers

A wireless Feeder unit controller is installed at each feeder point which can control (ON/OFF) of group of lights connected to feeder unit physically by using power line. The capacity of the feeder unit can be determined by the current rating of contactor (Up to 32 Amps). The Feeder controller communicates to the centralized management system by forming a mesh with other peer feeder controllers and then finally connecting to the gateway. The controller works with LED lights and other conventional streetlights, and the controller can be retrofitted without any additional wiring • Reduce energy costs
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Low-cost wireless control
• Energy Monitoring
• Increased lamp life
• Eco-friendly
• Sun-set / Sun-rise based ON/OFF schedule

Street Light Individual Control

Street Light Individual controllers

A wireless controller is installed for every streetlight which can control (ON/OFF/DIMMING). The controller communicates to the management system by forming a mesh and connecting to the gateway. The controller works with LED lights and other conventional streetlights, and the controller can be retrofitted without any additional wiring

Smart Switch

The Next Generation Internet enabled Wireless Electrical Switches and Dimmers

The Next Generation Internet enabled Wireless Electrical Switches and Dimmers. Smart Home products include switches, fan controllers, LPG leakage detectors, temperature and humidity monitors, smoke detectors, sensors and door locks. The products are designed for easy installation, usability and maintainability. The switches and dimmers fit into the existing modular electrical boxes and does not require any rewiring. The installation is simple and similar to classical electrical switches and can be installed by any qualified electrician. The switches are equipped with capacitive touch for manual operation.

As there are no mechanical parts in the switches, the devices have a long life. Designed for replacing the classical switches and hence can be used for homes, offices, factories and hospitals, and can control any type of electric load including lights, equipment, appliances and machinery.

Product Features

  • Wireless Enabled

    Wireless enabled with end-to-end All-IP Networking for seamless Internet connectivity

  • Plug 'n' Play

    Designed for Smartphones with most advanced technologies for plug 'n' play.

  • Realtime Monitoring

    Realtime status monitoring and control from anywhere over the Internet.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy to install and maintain. Typically can be installed by any electrician

  • Consumer Focused

    Consumer focused design for usability and low barrier for entry, and allows incremental deployment