The Solution

Smart Homes by iRam

The Smart Homes are most advanced solutions based on internet of things.The Smart Homes by iRam is built around the smart Internet enabled wireless electrical switches. By automating and making the switches intelligent, the entire home becomes smart and allows realtime monitoring and control for the lights, devices and appliances. The wireless capability of the switches allows the lights and appliances to connect to the home WiFi router and can be controlled and monitored using mobile apps on smart phones and tablets.

Smart Street Solutions

iRam’s Smart Street Lighting transforms streetlights into intelligent, energy efficient and remotely managed lights; providing energy savings and thereby reducing the Global Warming. Smart Street Lighting serves as a foundation for the Smart Cities. The solution is based on All-IP architecture (complying to IPv4/V6), the basis for the Internet which is the most innovative and massive network ever created by the humans. The solution consists of individual street light controllers which forms a wireless mesh and connect to the Internet through a Gateway at aggregation points. This way it avoids unnecessary usage of multiple uplinks to internet, thereby reducing the operating cost of connectivity. If this system is used in a campus network, it can work with a LAN or WAN with in the campus and hence there is no need of internet/ mobile network access at each feeder units. IRam had designed and developed Street light controllers which works on Zigbee/6LoWPAN based interfaces complying to IEEE.802.15.4 and can form an effective mesh network with in the line of sight. Where ever there is no line of sight, a specially designed gateway will connect the mesh to an open IPv4/v6 network using ether Ethernet/WiFi/GPRS/3G/4G/LTE interfaces. IRam had also developed a Wireless Feeder Unit Controllers (WFUC), which can control a group of lights through a contactor of suitable current rating. These WFUCs also be connected in a mesh network and hence optimize the usage of internet access/ mobile network access. These devices form an automatic mesh network, thus reduces any network configuration during installation or during maintenance.

Smart Parking Solution

iRam provides the tools necessary to change motorist behaviour that helps to optimize the utilization of parking inventory and productivity of operations. Most parking spaces or commercial buildings have sufficient parking inventory based on various studies. The issue is changing behaviour of motorists so that they are able to find and use the parking inventory efficiently. IRAM’s Products & applications provide the tools necessary for the owner to optimize existing parking inventory and as a result, can realize the following key benefits:
• Avoid the additional expenses of constructing new parking structures
• Sustainable traffic management for increased vehicle density in future
• Reduce the amount of time required to find parking
• Give the data to the commuter, to make informed decisions
• Savings on fuel and tire for the commuter
• Reduced carbon monoxide emission with in the parking lot
• Easy turn-around of available spots with the help of LED bay indicators
• Access to key slot wise data such as Idle time, slot usage, turn-around time etc
• Efficient use of parking area with the help of Map View that provides real time parking lot usage data through our cloud based software
• Turn on or turn off the LEDs selectively with software
• SOP for servicing; app notification for all possible errors; very low down time
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