Smart Street Lighting

Latest Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture

Our Smart Street Lighting Solution is designed on the latest Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, that can scale to lakhs of street lights and make it easy to operate and maintain by the end users with minimal training. It has a flexible architecture that allows it to use different network technologies –ZigBee, WiFi, Ethernet, GSM etc. It can be integrated with the existing network infrastructure, street lights and central management software. It can withstand the varying voltage fluctuations and loose wire connections as well as various environment factors like high dust, ambient temperatures, wind and monsoon rains.

Smart Street Lighting

Key Benefits

Our Smart Street Lighting System provides multiple benefits like:

  • Modern Architecture (based on IoT and Cloud architecture)
    • Supports SOAP/Restful/MQTT interfaces
    • Mobile app for viewing data
    • Flexible networking options which allows installation even in existing smart city setup
    • Easily scales to lakhs of street lights and Real-time visualization and analytics
    • Street Light Controllers & Feeder Panels can be upgraded Over-The-Air
  • Smart & Robust
    • Independent operation even in the event of communication loss with CSLMS
    • Local Storage: Stores all the configurations and data locally
    • Local Intelligence: Detects street light faults, energy thefts etc. and notifies CSLMS immediately
    • Secure data transmission with AES256 encryption
  • Ease of commissioning
    • System automatically connects to cloud server on power-on
    • Automatically obtains configuration / schedule information and operates accordingly
    • Automatically sends the energy usage or light fault statuses at defined intervals
  • Ease of Maintenance
    • Self-diagnosis and Remote upgradation
    • Alerts & Notifications

Smart Street Lighting

Street Light Controller

The Street Light Controller (SLC) lets the LED luminaire to be controlled from CSLMS through the Gateway in real-time. It has multiple network interfaces which helps to communicate to the Gateway through either WiFi, ZigBee, LoRa etc. This makes it very easy to deploy it even in an existing smart city network infrastructure. The SLC can control (On/Off/Dim) one or more LED street lights. It continuously measures and monitor the electrical parameters of the luminaire and detects any issues with the luminaire. It immediately sends any faults with the street lights to the Gateway.

Smart Street Lighting


The Smart Lighting Gateway acts as the bridge between the Street Light Controller and CSLMS. It receives commands from the CSLMS and forwards them to the Street Light Controller. Gateway stores the lighting schedules of all the luminaires connected to it and push those schedules to the Street Light Controller after it has come up. It transmits all the data received from the Street Light Controller to the CSLMS via GSM/WiFi/Ethernet. It can communicate with Street Light Controller through ZigBee/Wi-Fi/LoRa. A single Gateway can connect up to 50 Street Light Controllers and can be retrofitted on the existing street light poles. It is all weather proof and meets the city atmospheric conditions.

Central Street Light Management Software (CSLMS)

The Central Street Light Management Software (CSLMS) provides all the access, control and analytics of the entire connected smart street Luminaires to the end users. It integrates into the Smart City Operations Centre (SCOC) software as an independent module. Using this software, the authenticated users can view the current status and electrical parameters of all the lights, define/modify lighting schedules, etc. The software shows the luminaires on the selectable city map, making it easy for the user to view and operate the luminaires. Multiple groups of luminaires can be configured by the user which provides various reports such as status of lights, power outages, faults etc.

The Admin view provides all the functionality that is required for the administration and facilitates the admin to perform operations such as add/delete/modify usernames, passwords, etc. The authorized users can also view, modify & operate the street lights through the Street Light Control mobile app. In case of any fault, change in system configuration, manual override etc., alerts messages are sent to the registered users. The CSLMS runs on an industry grade server or VM and supports open interfaces like SOAP/Restful/MQTT, so that other applications can get the necessary data from it. This data is then saved onto a USB device or on a DVD.

The CSLMS communicates only with the registered Gateways & Feeder Panel Controllers with unique id. The Gateway communicates only with the registered Street Light Controllers with unique id.

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