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The Internet of things

The human dependence on machines is increasing for almost every human activity for error-free decisions, control, information generation and distribution, and ultimately for improving human lives. This trend requires networking of the machines, appliances, devices and objects (“things”) for exchanging information between machine-to-machine and machine-to-humans.

The Internet is the most successful, innovative and massive network ever created by humans. In the 90s, people started using the Internet to share information and knowledge via the World Wide Web, which is generally considered the first generation of Internet. Internet 2.0, which is ongoing now, is the platform for social networking. It is expected that the next revolution, Internet 3.0, would be the interconnection of every possible addressable object on planet Earth, creating a new Internet called the ‘Internet of Everything’.

Research and Development efforts in IOT Domain

iRam’s Engineering Expertise

IRAM’s has gained engineering expertise over years of Research and Development efforts in IOT Domain. This has equipped IRAM to extract field data (anywhere, anytime, any device) and transfer it to Edge Compute servers or Remote Management Servers through Multi-Hop wireless mesh communication network of Controllers, Sensors, Gateways built in-house. This accurate field data at remote servers is processed and converted into actionable intelligence.

This inherent strength gives IRAM an opportunity to Design, develop & white label various customised IOT Applications. These customised applications can be varied across domains viz. Telecom, retail, Industrial IOT, Home Automation, Precision Farming and many others.

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